A Step-by-Step Guide for How to Make a PDF Fillable on Mac


    Meta description: Collecting data and sharing for business purposes are just two of the many reasons you need fillable PDFs. Learning to make these files on your Mac is a way to stay on top of your office work.

    A PDF file is easy to make, read, and distribute to anyone. It allows creators to set different permission levels to control access, use, and editing. Creators can add watermarks, digital signatures, and passwords. A PDF fillable form provides you with a great way to share data with business partners. You can use them to collect client data needed quickly. The form features fields such as drop-down lists, calendars, calculations, and checkboxes. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to make a fillable pdf on Mac.

    Create a fillable PDF on Mac with Adobe Acrobat

    Adobe Acrobat is a compatible tool with PDF. It has a variety of tools that help you do several things with your documents. It allows you to view, convert, edit, or share your documents for different purposes. To create a fillable PDF on Mac with Adobe Acrobat, follow these steps.

    • On your Mac, open Adobe Acrobat
    • At the top left side of the page, check the Tools button and open it
    • On the dialog box that opens, click Prepare Form – Create New – Start
    • In the toolbar, select Add Text and add the information you need
    • If you want to add images, go to the toolbar and click Add Image. You can add images from online, on your computer, or take a photo.
    • If you want to edit your Mac fillable pdf open the Edit tool to make changes
    • You are now ready to add fillable information. Go to the toolbar and choose the fields you want to add. After adding all the fillable fields you want, set their properties.
    • Click Save or Command-S on the board to save the form.

    A devide pdf file is one of the most popular ways users share documents. A PDF document fillable is a file that includes various fields. It has fields like text fields, check boxes, and list boxes. With fill out PDF forms, you get a great way to share with business partners and collect client data. When it comes to PDFs, there are many options on how to make a PDF fillable and share it. Some of the methods on Setapp include word conversion and back to PDF. You can also use Adobe Acrobat or a unique PDF editor. The different methods allow you to make a PDF form fillable and add the fields you want.  You need to decide how to make a pdf fillable based on the methods that are best for you.

    Create filling in pdf forms on Mac with UPDF

    Ultra-Portable Document Format is compatible with a large number of operating systems. You can use the software to view your files, organize them, annotate, edit, and convert them. It has a friendly UI that allows newbies to create attractive forms. To create a PDF document fillable with UPDF, follow these steps.

    • Open PDF and create a new page. To create a blank page, go to File – Create – Blank Page. You can also download a predesigned fillable template and fill it with UPDF.
    • Add fields to the form. To add different fields to form, open the Comment icon. On the box that opens, choose Text Box. You can customize it with various colors, borders, or backgrounds.
    • Create a Mac fillable pdf. Once you fill in all the fields, open File and then Save. If you want a different name, open Save AS. Your fillable form is ready for use.

    Fill in PDF on Mac with Mac Preview

    Mac Preview is an inbuilt tool on macOS that supports the viewing of many file formats. It supports different types of files such as TIFF, JPEG, PSD, and PNG. To fill out PDF forms with Mac Preview, follow these steps.

    • On your MacBook, open the Preview app
    • Open the PDF form that you want to fill
    • Locate the Show Form Filling icon on the toolbar
    • The form will display a wide variety of field options. Choose all the fields that you want to create.
    • After choosing all your fields, open File and choose Export. Save your file in the place you want to save.

    Make a PDF form fillable with MS Word

    To make a PDF form fillable with MS Word, you need first to convert your file to MS Word.

    • Open the document that you want to make a fillable form
    • On the top left side of the document, open File and select Save As
    • On the dialogue box that opens, choose Save as Microsoft Word. Instead of Save As, you can also click on Convert to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and then choose Word
    • Fallout your fields and convert them back


    The benefit of PDF document fillable is that you can print them to share them with multiple channels. The forms are compatible with a large variety of devices and operating systems. They contain interactive features and minimum or no errors. They provide greater efficiency and productivity in your business. There are different tools for creating fillable forms. You can use Adobe Acrobat, Mac Preview, Word, and many more.