Braelin Thomson Age and Biography 


    Do you know how old braelin Thomson is? Braelin Thomson’s mother is Kelly Rowan, and her father is David Kenneth Roy. Her mother is a Canadian actress. When Braelin was born, he was 42 years old. Check the next section; you will get more updated information about Braelin Thomson age. This article also covered the braelin Thomson ”people also ask” section. Check the down of this article.

    Braelin Thomson Age

    Are you curious about the Braelin Thomson age? In the following section, you will get Braelin’s birth information. For example, Braelin Thomson’s birthday is April 28, 2008. She is now 14 years old. Her birthplace is Canada. Check the next section you get Braelin Thomson’s family, relationship status, and more.

    Braelin Thomson Family

    Braelin Thomson’s Mother’s name is Kelly Rowan. She is a Canadian film and television actress and former fashion model. Kelly Rowan is a native of Ottawa. She studied acting in London and New York before working as a model. Her mother, Kelly Rowan’s net worth is $25 million. Braelin’s father is David Kenneth Roy Thomson, 3rd Baron Thomson of Fleet. Check the next section you get updated information.

    Braelin Thomson Age

    Braelin Thomson Height, Weight & more

    We found that people are always interested in knowing about Braelin Thomson’s height and weight. So we like to track and imitate our famous person’s height, weight, etc. Any trusted source We don’t find about Braelin Thomson height or weight, but we will ensure that we find her height and weight and update this page soon.

    Braelin Thomson personal life & boyfriend

    Do you know who is braelin Thomson’s boyfriend, or is she currently single? In this section, we covered her personal information. She is now single. This article also covered the braelin Thomson ”people also ask” section. Check the down of this article.

    People also ask

    1. Braelin Thomson age?

    Braelin Thomson is 14 years old.

    2. Braelin Thomson Birthday

    The date of birth is April 28, 2008.

    3. Who is Braelin Thomson mother?

    Braelin Thomson Mother’s name is Kelly Rowan.

    4. who is braelin Thomson father?

    David Kenneth Roy Thomson

    5. Kelly Rowan, daughter

    Kelly Rowan’s daughter is Braelin Thomson.

    6. Who is braelin Thomson’s boyfriend?

    She is now single.

    Braelin Thomson social media profiles 

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