Case Studies: Success Stories Of Companies Leveraging Desktop Business


    Companies that leverage desktop business management solutions can achieve success in various ways, such as improving their operational efficiency and productivity, because the solutions help them automate their business processes, such as inventory management and, order fulfillment, accounting, and reporting.

    They can also enhance customer satisfaction by providing personalized and consistent experiences across different channels, including web, mobile, and social media. By adopting desktop business management solutions, companies can boost their innovation and agility by enabling data-driven decision-making and faster software development. Such as inventory management, supplier management software ext.

    On top of that, it reduces their costs and risks by optimizing their resource utilization and ensuring their compliance with industry regulations. Below are some examples of companies that have successfully leveraged desktop business management solutions:

    Hertz: A Journey Through Bankruptcy

    Hertz, a global car rental company, faced financial challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused a decline in travel demand and a drop in the value of its vehicle fleet. To overcome these difficulties, the company implemented a cloud-based ERP system that enabled it to automate and integrate its core business processes.

    The system gave Hertz real-time visibility and control over its cash flow. It also reduced the company’s operational costs and improved its productivity. As a result of using the cloud-based ERP system, Hertz was able to complete its Chapter 11 bankruptcy process in less than a year. It emerged as a more resilient company with plans to invest in electric vehicles to take its customer experience to the next level.

    Netflix: Pivoting to Original Content

    Netflix is a global leader in streaming entertainment, with more than 200 million paid members in over 190 countries. The company has achieved remarkable success after using desktop business management solutions, thanks to which it can optimize its operations, refine its customer experience, and innovate its content offerings. Some of the popular titles from Netflix include The Queen’s Gambit, Bridgerton, Lupin, Tiger King, Money Heist, and many more.

    Shaw Industries Group: Leading the Way in Flooring Products

    Shaw Industries Group is a leading manufacturer of flooring products and synthetic turf, with a fleet of over 700 trucks that deliver its products worldwide. The company has become highly successful after implementing desktop business management solutions.

    Since then, it has been able to improve its transportation operations and achieve outstanding results in the flooring industry. The company has also been able to deliver high-quality products and services to its customers across the globe. Some of the popular brands from Shaw Industries Group include Anderson Tuftex, COREtec, Patcraft, Philadelphia Commercial, Shaw Contract, Shaw Floors, Shaw Sports Turf, Southwest Greens, TruAccents, and USFloors.

    Lovesac: Converting Customer Feedback to Strong Business Outcomes

    Lovesac is a company that sells innovative furniture products, such as modular couches, bean bags, and accessories. The company has greatly benefited from desktop business management solutions, which enable it to establish a strong online presence, analyze customer data to make informed decisions, and skyrocket its business growth. Customer data and feedback help Lovesac design and develop new products that cater to customers’ needs and expectations.

    EPEC: Elevating Industries Through Enhanced Project Delivery

    EPEC is a company that provides engineering, procurement, and construction services for various industries. It has used desktop business management solutions to improve its project delivery and business intelligence. This has helped the company to effectively plan and execute its complex projects, such as building pipelines, power plants, and highways. Some of the successful projects from EPEC include the Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline, the Bakun Hydroelectric Power Plant, and the Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway.

    Adobe: Transforming the Digital Content Landscape

    Adobe is best known for its software products and services for creating digital content. With the help of desktop business management solutions, the company has changed its business model and achieved outstanding success in the software industry. The company has also developed diverse products that attract a wide range of customers. Some of the popular products from Adobe are Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Lightroom, and more.

    Shell: Fueling Sustainable Energy

    Shell is an international energy company that has successfully adopted desktop business management solutions to improve its efficiency, productivity, and sustainability. Shell uses energy, payment, and fleet management solutions to optimize its company’s fleet operations. It also uses a cloud computing service that allows its employees to access powerful and secure virtual desktops from any place. Thanks to these solutions, Shell has been able to cut its operational costs and enhance its customer service.

    Unilever: Empowering a Scalable Business Model for Consumer Goods

    Unilever is a global manufacturing enterprise that produces a variety of consumer goods, such as Dove, Vaseline, and Ben & Jerry’s. To meet the rising expectations of its customers, Unilever embarked on a digital journey that integrated desktop business management solutions. These solutions enabled Unilever to transform its supply chain, connect its factories, generate real-time data insights, and predict future outcomes using machine learning algorithms. As a result, Unilever became more agile, scalable, efficient, and sustainable in its operations.


    Business management solutions can be a success factor for many companies. Why? Because they can help streamline operations, improve efficiency, fine-tune communication, and provide valuable data insights, all of which contribute to a company’s overall success. Qms Software helps to coordinate and direct business objectives and activities along the right path to meet customer and regulatory requirements. Quality management is performed to improve business effectiveness continuously.