ChatGPT vs. Assignment Writing Services: Which one to choose?


    When it comes to academic needs, students have two choices – get a custom writing service from a designated platform or try ChatGPT. In this guide, we’ll compare them in terms of performance, convenience, and potential cons. Based on write paper reviews, ChatGPT usage, and personal experience, we’ll figure out which is best for students.

    Review of Assignment Writing Services vs. Chat GPT

    Being a student is not all fun and games. College life comes with a lot of worries and deadlines. A lot of young adults have to live on their own now. They deal with academic overload and the challenges of moving places. Many students have to combine education with employment, which can be incredibly difficult. It is quite common for students to require academic assistance. They need more time and individual attention.

    This is where the dilemma of where to get this help comes in. Collaboration with an assignment writing service is a more traditional approach. Using a GPT Chat is relatively new, as the solution was released not so long ago. This review aims to evaluate both options to decide which one is better for academic purposes. We analyze all the advantages and disadvantages to make the college experience easier for students.

    GPT Chat: Advantages and Disadvantages

    If you haven’t tried it, you might have a question “What is Chat GPT?”. It is a web application based on AI and NLP. OpenAI created GPT Chat to emulate natural human conversations. Users write their requests, and the application prepares an answer.

    It is not designed for academic papers, yet a lot of people use it for it.

    Advantages of ChatGPT

    • It is free and accessible to anyone;
    • It is speedy and gives results in seconds or minutes;
    • It is user-friendly and convenient.

    Disadvantages of ChatGPT

    • It doesn’t guarantee high-quality content. Often it depends on how you formulate the question and what information it already has;
    • It lacks originality as it can only create a compilation answer based on what the app already knows;
    • AI-generated texts are detectable by various apps like GPTZero and often by the naked eye;
    • The app has no internet connection and cannot fact-check the information it gives users. If there were new studies after it was released, it would not know about it until the database is updated;
    • It might be suitable for easy tasks or drafting and outlining, but it cannot perform complex assignments that demand deep expertise and research;
    • There is always a chance of technical error.

    Assignment Writing Services: Advantages and Disadvantages

    Unlike ChatGPT, assignment writing help is provided by human experts. Such platforms hire professionals to help students with assignments of all sorts. These experts have relevant education and vast experience in academic writing.

    Advantages of an Assignment Writing Service

    • Custom help according to your unique requirements in terms of deadline, style, tone, formatting, etc.;
    • All the texts are created from scratch and original; they come with a plagiarism report;
    • Professional platforms care deeply about students’ confidentiality and apply the best data protection measures;
    • Experts offer a massive range of services, from essays to dissertations and theses. Students can get custom assistance with anything;
    • A person working on your order is an expert in the field with relevant degrees and experience. Experts conduct excellent research, use relevant sources, and check all the facts;
    • Communication with experts during the process allows students to deepen their knowledge of the subject and gain valuable insights.

    Disadvantages of an Assignment Writing Service

    • The results take time. Unlike an algorithm, a human expert needs time to create an authentic and well-argued text;
    • Sometimes students require reviews and edits, which are provided for free;
    • Such services are not free, although the prices are adequate for the quality you get.

    What About Reputation?

    Overall, assignment help services have a better reputation when it comes to academic needs. And there are many valid reasons for that. They are professionals that know all ins and outs of the sphere. They have a history of successful tasks and a lot of satisfied customers. Such platforms care about their performance and reputation as it is the core of their activities.

    OpenAI created ChatGPT, not for college assignments. Indeed, it can be helpful with outlining or giving some ideas. At the same time, the application is not suitable for working on complex and demanding tasks. The quality of results is drastically worse, and there is a lot of unpredictability. It is limited in word count; it cannot fact-check or research. And professors can detect AI-generated text quite easily. Unfortunately, some students were expelled from universities for using ChatGPT.

    Final Verdict

    In conclusion, we recommend partnering with a trustworthy assignment writing service for students needing help. WritePaper is an outstanding platform that delivers quality and excellent results and offers writepaper promo code for your services. Yes, AI writing is free and instant, but the quality is below average. But what is even worse is that such texts come with a risk of being detected. It is a severe offense in academia that can lead to being expelled.

    We do not recommend students use ChatGPT for academic purposes. In this comparison, it definitely loses to human expert assistance. But it can be helpful in other spheres of college life.