Daunte Wright Police Record: A Full Look


    The Duante Wright case is a highly covered court case that deals with the shooting of Daunte Wright by police officer Kim Potter in Minnesota. At the time of the shooting’s occurrence, unrest and protests were sparked, and that led to many individuals across the nation paying closer attention to the details of this case. If you are wondering about the details of the Daunte Wright case, our article helps to shed some light on some of the publicized facts.

    Did Daunte Wright Have a Police Record?

    Many individuals who may have heard of the Daunte Wright case are likely wondering if Wright had a police record that might have played any part in how police interacted with him at the time of the shooting. While it’s hard to find exact details about Wright’s police record, several outlets have reported that he did have previous interactions with the police and had previous charges on his record for an armed robbery in 2019 and several other gun-related crimes.

    On the day of Mr. Wright’s death, police officers had stopped him for expired license plate tags and later found out he was driving on a suspended license in addition to having a bench warrant out for his arrest due to a weapons charge.

    These are all things that would have been listed on Daunte Wright’s police record, as criminal record charges are accessible by law enforcement officers and, sometimes, members of the public when the police records are considered public records.

    Facts About the Daunte Wright Case

    There are a few important facts to know about the Daunte Wright case that can help you gain a better understanding of the shooting that occurred and the overall effects that this publicized case had across the United States.

    • The Daunte Wright shooting occurred in Minnesota in 2021.
    • The police officer who shot Daunte Wright was Kim Potter.
    • Kim Potter was placed on administrative leave and then submitted a resignation a day later, along with police chief Tim Gannon.
    • Kim Potter claimed to have mistaken her gun for her taser and believed she was attempting to tase Daunte Wright as he tried to get back in his car and flee from officers.
    • Daunte Wright was shot in the chest and died at the scene of the incident.
    • After a trial, Kim Potter was convicted of first-degree manslaughter and second-degree manslaughter.
    • Kim Potter was sentenced to two years in prison, serving the first 16 months behind bars, and was released on April 24, 2023, to serve the rest of her sentence on supervised release.
    • Protests, civil unrest, and clashes with police all occurred immediately after Daunte Wright’s death, as the shooting occurred a year after the widely publicized and controversial death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

    The wide news coverage of the Daunte Wright case pulled into focus police procedure and raised many questions regarding police violence. In fact,  many organizations that are outspoken about ending police violence and racially motivated crimes weighed in heavily on the outcome of the situation.

    Can You Perform Criminal Checks on Someone?

    Criminal checks are an important part of verifying someone’s identity and history. Criminal checks also utilize public records to access information about someone’s police record or any other criminal conviction. It is possible to perform criminal checks on someone, and you may use an online criminal record search tool or visit local county and state records offices in person to find this information.

    When performing criminal record checks, you will need the name of the person you are searching for and their location or the location where you believe a criminal conviction may have occurred. From there, type this information into a search bar or use your local records office to find any publicly available information about someone’s criminal record history.

    Reasons to perform a criminal check on someone include verifying their truthfulness, making sure someone is safe to be around, or verifying that a potential dating partner is who they say they are.

    Finding the Police Record Information You Need

    Police record information might be difficult to find sometimes, especially in the case of highly publicized court cases where public records might be removed from public view during the duration of court proceedings. However, if you are searching for criminal record information on a more local level, you can easily use state records offices and online search tools to find the valuable police and criminal record information you need.