Empowering Change: How Volunteer Platforms Connect People And Cause? (2023)


    Volunteerism is a big part of today’s society as it brings about positive change.  As we find ourselves in the digital age, several new tools are coming up. Some rising volunteer platforms are of great use. They act as good tools for nonprofits. A volunteer management software connects individuals with causes. Also, they boost many processes. These include how we donate our time and energy to make little changes. 

    In this article, we’ll discuss the core elements of VMS. We have also added names of the top VMSs that you can use.

    What is Meant by Volunteer Platforms?

    Often termed as ‘VMSs’, volunteer platforms are simple online systems. They are made to make the entire volunteer experience easy. A volunteer platform handles it all, starting from hiring and engagement, and much more. They don’t just act as links between volunteers and organizations. They allow both parties (volunteers and the team head) to connect. They also allow the parties to collaborate. Thus, these software contribute significantly towards causes that the non-profits stand for.

    Why are Volunteer Management Platforms Needed?

    1. Good Volunteer Hiring: VMSs make the hiring process faster. They simplify it and make it easier for nonprofits to find the right volunteers.
    2. Time and Resource Management: These tools help nonprofits save valuable time and resources. These systems make the tasks automatic. 
    3. More Communication: Using better data, these platforms ease real-time contact. They serve as links between the volunteers and the nonprofits.
    4. Data Management: They put together a structure. This includes collection, storage, and analysis of volunteer data. Thus, VMS directly impacts future planning.
    5. Volunteer Skill Matching: A VMS has a great function. They can manage volunteers easily. They do this by matching specific roles with the skills and interests of volunteers. Thus, they ensure a better fit between the volunteer’s capability and the role.
    6. Enhanced Accountability: Nonprofits can use these tools to track volunteer hours. They also record how much work a volunteer has done. They use precise data tracking for optimal resource use.
    7. Accessibility: With this software, volunteering work is available to all. Thus, anyone can browse and register from any place.
    8. Feedback Loops: VMSs empower nonprofits to get feedback from volunteers. This, in turn, improves the volunteering program.
    9. Safety and Compliance: The VMS actively uses good safety standards. They make sure proper data recording and tracking is done. 
    10. Amplifying Impact: Nonprofits are boosted due to these volunteer platforms. These tools manage larger volunteer bases efficiently. And thus, they enable them to amplify their impact.

    How do the Volunteer Platforms Connect People with Their Causes?

    Difficult algorithms and data analysis are employed by volunteer platforms. They work to connect individuals with causes. The process unfolds as follows:

    Volunteers: They take the step of making user profiles. Also, the software shows their abilities, interests, and availability.

    Organizations: They actively post volunteer opportunities that come with specific requirements.

    Algorithms and Matching: Analyzing important data is a VMS’s biggest advantage. They pair volunteers with appropriate opportunities.

    Communication Tools: The volunteer management software uses built-in contact tools. Thus, the volunteers form a connection with organizations.

    Proper Feedback System: Users can provide feedback and ratings after volunteering. This process improves future matches.

    Top 5 Volunteer Platforms That You Can Try Out

    1. VolunteerHub: It is known for its good interface and great uses. VolunteerHub provides a great solution for managing volunteers.
    2. Golden: Golden’s platform has good options. It also excels in both volunteer contact and tracking.
    3. Volgistics: Volgistics provides a good option for smaller nonprofits. This tool presents an affordable remedy with all the vital options.
    4. HandsOn Connect: The volunteer centers highly recommend HandsOn Connect. The reason for its rave reviews might be its scalability. Hence, you can also try it out.
    5. CERVIS: CERVIS provides a cost-effective alternative. Choose it over other platforms that come with a high price. It has features such as event control and volunteer arrangements.


    Volunteer platforms currently serve as important agents of change in this field. They make connections between individuals and causes. They allow people to discover good volunteering options. Thus, the users can contribute their time and expertise while aiding organizations. This software tracks all volunteer resources. 

    The integration of technology with volunteer management is needed. It will build up a more promising future. Volunteerism and social influence will soon see a huge boost. Thus, you should select a good volunteering platform. This will help your non-profit get more efficiency.