From Fashion to Brand: The Journey of Louis Vuitton Jackets


    1854! The year in which nobody knew that a man would bring a new meaning to fashion was innovation and that man was Louis Vuitton. He was French and back in the day he created a masterpiece that was a bag in the shape of a trunk, which was not usual in the setting where people used round leather trunks. He turned his ideas into fashion and then the journey for Louis Vuitton to become a brand started. Get Kanye West Merchandise merch at the best prices online! Get your hands on the latest hoodies, t-shirts, and more.

    It all started when Vuitton used to make leather bags for French royals trunks for Napoleon III’s wife and still going with great products as we see the brand making luxury bags to louis vuitton bunny jacket, the logo of LV has become recognized as a high-end possession since it was engraved in the products from 1896.

    Louis Vuitton died in 1892 after 38 years of establishing his brand, but till now LV only had exceeded and become the world’s most wealthy brand for fashion enthusiasts in the world with stores in over 50 countries.

    How did Louis Vuitton jackets become a global brand in fashion?

    Louis Vuitton has never been out of fashion or outdated, it has always been trending and has never lost its emerging essence. From the start of up till now it has never been reduced from its stature of luxury and high-end brand. Interestingly LV is never on sale and at the end of the season many brands put sales on the products but LV discards all the bags at that time despite selling them at discounts which maintains its exclusivity and class.

    Louis Vuitton started expanding its roots by making a traveling trunk slowly and gradually started making leather bags then the brand started to adapt to consumer preferences and after succeeding in the global market as a luxury bag brand it introduced men’s and women’s clothing, footwear, watches, and jewelry.

    The following are the reasons why Louis Vuitton introduced itself in the fashion industry and became a brand with their clothing wear introduction and how the jackets stole the show.

    • Legacy and heritage:

    From the start, Louis Vuitton has always been a trustworthy brand, it started in a small Parisian workshop making high-quality and unique trunks and luggage. The brand from the start has set a reputation for innovative and trendy fashion and it stepped into the fashion world and became a luxurious brand.

    • Evolution into fashion:

    The brand has evolved over the years and introduced itself in many varieties of fashion like accessories, footwear, leather goods, and clothing in which jackets came into action.

    • Innovative design:

    Louis Vuitton has always been the Fashionista! It has always brought out-of-the-box elements, designs, and trendy outlooks with unique imprints like lv yellow varsity jacket could be taken as an example of the differentiator between other jackets and LV ones with unseen patterns and finishes all these innovative designs set this brand’s jacket apart from everyone else.

    • Collaboration:

    LV has always been open to business and collaboration because it has a history of not getting stopped at any point. With these collaborations limited jacket editions come into existence that make it to the list of importance of the consumers who love fashion and want to possess a thing that’s limited and rare for everyone to have.

    • Celebrity endorsements:

    The brand has always kept its stance as a luxury and high-end brand because the brand itself has been endorsed by top celebrities like Emma Stone and Lea Seydoux and many others, they wear it on prominent shows and settings that would capture the eyes of everyone and this is how LV was able to capture a wider spectrum of audience by getting these famous celebs to wear LV exclusive jackets.

    • Distinct branding:

    The engraved initials of LV on every product set a distinctive approach and set this brand aside. On the jackets, the brand name creates a unique element and it is one of the most recognizable as well as popular initials in the fashion industry.

    • Flagship stores and boutiques:

    The jackets of LV have become a popular fashion statement with their unique and distinctive looks and Louis Vuitton has expanded in the whole world making its presence known in all the fashion capitals which makes the jackets more appealing and reach towards more audience.

    Final take:

    Louis Vuitton jackets have been a wonderful addition to the brand because it has produced unique and creative products since the start, from thinking about the different shapes of a trunk to the lock and then becoming a $51 billion company. Not many companies or brands are able to stay firm and unharmed for so long, LV even survived the Nazi era. It has always been in trend and produce such unique designs and use different materials to make a jacket, putting all the effort and making it the most fashionable and luxurious brand in the world.