How To Choose The Right Streaming Service For You?


    Are you tired of paying too much for your cable bill? Maybe you never even signed up for cable in the first place because you value shows and movies more than live TV. Either way, opting for one or more video streaming services could be a smarter choice than a cable plan that forces you to pay for entire networks you never watch. With streaming services, you have the freedom to select the exact on-demand and live TV content you want to pay for each month.

    Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? However, choosing the best streaming service for your needs can be a challenge due to the overwhelming number of options available. In fact, the combined monthly costs of streaming services can quickly become unreasonable. That’s why we’ve carefully analyzed over 60 services and narrowed down your top choices at different budget levels for various audiences. It doesn’t matter if you want to watch movies about celebrities’ lifestyles, documentaries, or TV shows. There are streaming services that will provide you with all the necessary content.

    Fun for the family

    Disney+ is the top choice for all-age entertainment. It offers family-friendly content from Disney, Star Wars, National Geographic, Marvel, and Pixar, giving you a wide range of options.

    Moreover, Disney+ provides features such as parental controls, multiple profiles with varying maturity ratings, and more. Depending on your preferences, you might find the Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+ bundles appealing. True, a significant part of these services must be unblocked through VeePN. At least if you don’t live in regions where they are available by default. It doesn’t matter what device you have, but location matters. If necessary, you can find out how to use a VPN on Firestick from the topical instructions. Similar principles apply to other devices.

    There are also free platforms like PBS Kids that offer children’s shows with a library card. PBS Kids is accessible for free in areas covered by a PBS station, and you can find their apps on the App Store, Windows Store, Amazon, and Google Play.

    Streaming services under $10

    One of the most accessible streaming services with a large list of educational content is CuriosityStream. You can also choose from this series. It has a modest price, but also an average library. Most of all there are international and independent films. The next service is Filmatique, which specializes in collections of films for specific interests and genres.

    If you’re willing to put up with ads, Hulu offers a wide selection of content. Much more than Peacock’s or Paramount. However, if you prefer NBC’s or CBS’s shows, it’s advisable to opt for one of those services instead. By the way, Hulu has a lot of Disney content in its library. Mostly those films and shows that cannot be called children’s or teenagers. Disney’s more serious films tend to end up on Hulu.

    Prime Video is the top choice within this price range for the original series. It features an impressive lineup including Fleabag, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Patriot, The Boys, and The Expanse. Amazon’s streaming service offers superior and highly acclaimed shows compared to Hulu, and it’s also more cost-effective than Netflix, which charges extra for HD streaming and multiple devices simultaneously. Additionally, HBO Max now offers an ad-supported and feature-limited plan for $9.99 per month, catering to fans of HBO shows like Doom Patrol, Flight Attendant, and Harley Quinn.

    To watch original films

    When it comes to original and new-release films, the ideal streaming service varies based on your movie preferences. In 2017, Amazon’s “Manchester By The Sea,” was nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture and multiple other categories, marking the beginning of streaming services producing original films. Since then, this trend has only grown.

    With numerous streaming services venturing into original film production, the optimal choice depends on your preferred film genres. Consider the following examples:

    • Disney+ becomes an excellent option if you enjoy Disney or Marvel movies.
    • For fans of Warner Brothers films, HBO Max tends to receive them first. Just keep in mind that without a free online VPN or residence in the USA, this service will not be available to you. VPN allows you to remove these regional restrictions.
    • Peacock typically streams new Universal Studios films ahead of others.
    • Paramount+ aggressively expands its new original film lineup, making it a great choice for fans of Paramount Pictures films.

    The most comprehensive content libraries

    DirecTV Stream’s Choice plan lands on our sports fans’ list because it stands out as the sole live TV streaming service we’ve examined with RSNs from all three major owners: AT&T, Comcast (though it lacks a few), and Sinclair. It does come at a higher cost compared to other sports streaming services with similar lineups. Additionally, consider opting for the DVR storage upgrade to increase your storage limit from 20 hours to unlimited.

    Where RSN exclusive is not needed, DirecTV Stream makes no sense. It is more profitable to choose YouTube TV and supplement it with the Sports Plus or ESPN+ package. Interestingly, it will cost you less than DirecTV Stream.

    You don’t have to choose one streaming service with the largest subscription. You can get more content if you choose multiple streaming services. You can invest $100 by subscribing to Hulu, Disney+, and ESPN+ all at once. This will mean you have access to sports content, TV shows, children’s movies, and original shows from Hulu. You can also create your own package of services by adding Prime Video and HBO Max.

    Final Thoughts

    You have several options for Live TV: YouTube TV offers an Entertainment Plus add-on for $94.99/month or a 4K Plus add-on for $84.98/month. If you want an ad-free Hulu subscription with Live TV, you’ll have to shell out $86.

    For Sports, you can choose: DirecTV Stream’s Choice Plan with unlimited DVR add-on for $94.99/month. ESPN+ is available for $6.99/month. YouTube TV offers Sports Plus add-on for $75.98/month.

    If you prefer General Audiences, consider the following options: Hulu + Live TV (Ad-free) bundle with Disney+ and ESPN+ for $72.99/month. Prime Video is available for $8.99/month. HBO Max can be included for $14.99/month. Alternatively, you can opt for YouTube TV for $64.99/month, and add HBO Max ($14.99/month) and Netflix Standard ($15.49/month).