How To Delete IC Markets Account?: A Step-By-Step Guide From Leading Experts


    If you’re looking to delete your IC Markets account, Traders Union (TU) experts have a step-by-step guide for you. IC Markets doesn’t allow complete deletion, but you can hide your account. The analysts also explained how to withdraw funds from the IC Markets account. The details of this process are further explained below.

    Review of IC Markets

    According to TU’s analysts, IC Markets is a reliable and popular broker in the Forex market. They offer low spreads, micro-lots (0.01), and top-notch client service. With lightning-fast order execution, IC Markets is among the world’s quickest brokers.

    No matter your experience level, IC Markets welcomes all traders. Thousands of global client reviews over the years have shown no significant complaints about their services. They provide timely support for financial matters and work-related issues.

    How to delete your IC Markets account

    Experts at Traders Union provided a simple step-by-step guide on how to delete IC Markets account.

    1.      Visit IC Markets and log in.

    2.      Close all active orders.

    3.      Withdraw all funds from your account.

    4.      Archive your user account following the provided instructions.

    5.      For permanent deletion or reactivation, contact client support.

    Deleting your IC Markets account is a straightforward process, as outlined above. However, keep in mind that IC Markets doesn’t offer complete removal of your account. You can only hide it from view by archiving it.

    Withdraw funds

    TU’s experts draw your attention to the need to withdraw any remaining balance before deleting your IC Markets user account. Withdrawals to cards (debit or credit), electronic payment systems, or Australian bank accounts are free. However, international bank transfers may have a minimum fee of 20 Australian dollars. Remember, you can only withdraw funds to accounts in your name, and withdrawal terms depend on your chosen payment method.

    Here’s the withdrawal process for your IC Markets account:

    1.      Log in to your user account and go to the “Transfers” tab in the main menu.

    2.      You can withdraw funds by selecting the “Withdraw funds” option.

    3.      Enter your payment details (e.g., bank account information).

    4.      Specify the amount you want to withdraw and click the “Send” button.

    After withdrawing your funds, IC Markets will automatically archive your account after a certain time. If you wish to permanently delete your account, contact their technical support team.

    Steps to take when closing your IC Markets account

    Analysts at Traders Union recommend before closing your IC Markets account, keep in mind the following important steps.

    ·         Close open positions and cancel orders

    Ensure all active positions are closed and pending orders are canceled to settle your account.

    ·         Keep copies of important documents

    Save copies of essential documents, like ID and address proof, along with your account history, for future reference or tax purposes.

    ·         Withdraw remaining funds

    Prior to closing, withdraw any remaining funds using your preferred withdrawal method, following IC Markets’ instructions.

    ·         Update contact information

    If your contact details have changed, inform IC Markets to ensure they have your updated information on file.

    ·         Seek clarification

    If you have questions or concerns about the account closure process, reach out to IC Markets’ client service for clarification.

    Following these steps can make closing your IC Markets account a smoother experience.

    Do IC Markets block inactive accounts?

    IC Markets don’t block accounts that are not being used, but they archive them after some time. These accounts usually have no money left in them, and the broker just keeps them out of the way. So, if you decide to come back later, you can usually still access your account.



    If you’re considering closing your IC Markets account, Traders Union has provided a helpful step-by-step guide. While IC Markets doesn’t offer complete deletion, you can hide your account. Following these recommendations will help ensure a smoother account closure process.