Indoor Parcel Lockers: Omnic’s Answer to Secure Package Management


    A parcel terminal is a modern solution. And not only for postal and courier services. They can be used in many areas, not only related to the delivery of goods and documents. And also, for example, in food retail – automated cells are actively used in the sale of food and drinks. Many pharmacy chains use street parcel terminals. And not only that – it’s very convenient, and it’s quite easy to find a use for outdoor storage lockers in your business.

    What are the conveniences of indoor parcel terminals?

    • Flexibility in receiving parcels. Parcel machines are available around the clock, which allows you to receive parcels at a time convenient for you, even on weekends and holidays.
    • Save time. The recipient does not need to wait for the courier or go to the parcel locker during business hours. He can pick up his parcel whenever it is convenient for him.
    • Convenience and ease of use. The process of receiving a parcel from a parcel terminal is usually simple and intuitive. Often, all you need to do is scan a barcode or enter a unique code that comes in a notification.
    • All parcels are stored indoors under surveillance cameras, which provides a higher level of security than simply leaving the parcel at the door.
    • Reducing the likelihood of package loss. The parcel is securely stored in the parcel locker until a person comes to pick it up. This reduces the chance that your package will be lost or stolen.
    • Saving shipping costs. For many deliveries via parcel lockers, the cost is lower than home delivery by courier. This is convenient for both the recipient and the sender.
    • Environmentally friendly. Using parcel lockers can reduce the number of trips taken by couriers, which in turn reduces carbon emissions.
    • Convenience for online stores. Parcel machines (both indoor and outdoor) provide a convenient and reliable delivery method for online retailers, improving the overall customer experience.
    • Possibility of sending parcels. Some parcel lockers also allow you to send large parcels, making them a convenient option for senders.

    How parcel terminals make life easier for business

    Parcel machines can optimize business costs in several ways:

    • Using indoor parcel lockers instead of home courier delivery can significantly reduce delivery costs. Parcels can be delivered to the nearest delivery locker, which is cheaper than individual delivery to each client.
    • Parcel machines are usually located in densely populated areas, which allows optimizing delivery logistics and reducing transportation costs.
    • Since the lockers allow customers to pick up their packages at a time that suits them, it can reduce the number of undelivered packages and, as a result, reduce processing and shipping costs.
    • Parcel lockers provide a secure place to store parcels and can reduce the need for complex packaging to protect goods during delivery, resulting in savings on packaging materials.
    • Thanks to automation and optimization of the process, parcel lockers make it possible to simplify inventory management and reduce storage and handling costs.
    • The use of parcel lockers can reduce the burden on staff who were previously involved in processing parcels and organizing deliveries. This allows you to reallocate resources and improve productivity.
    • Customers appreciate the convenience and flexibility provided by parcel lockers. Satisfied customers can lead to repeat purchases and referrals, which drives business growth. Customer feedback software is essential in understanding customer satisfaction and making improvements accordingly.
    • Parcel machines can handle high volumes of orders and parcels, making them an excellent choice for businesses looking to scale their operations without significantly increasing logistics costs.

    Using parcel terminals is an effective and innovative way to optimize business costs, especially in the e-commerce and retail sectors.

    Where to order the production of parcel lockers?

    The OMNIC company produces storage lockers and offers turnkey solutions for your business. OMNIC parcel locker solutions are widely used in many countries of Europe and Asia, and have proven themselves to be the best. On the company’s website you will find contacts of representatives in your region – contact them and they will offer you the best solution!