Jo Koy Net Worth, Age, Height & More Details


    Jo Koy is an American stand-up comedian, actor, and television host from Tacoma, Washington. He has been performing stand-up comedy for over two decades and is known for his unique style of observational comedy. Jo Koy has earned a sizable fortune from his comedy career, and in this article, we look at his net worth, age, height, and other details about his life.

    Jo Koy’s Net Worth

    Jo Koy has an estimated net worth of $14 million as of 2021. Most of his wealth comes from his successful stand-up comedy career, which has seen him perform on both television and in live venues around the world. He has also starred in several films and TV shows, such as ‘The Real’, ‘Chelsea Lately’, and ‘The Eric Andre Show’. Additionally, Jo Koy has released several comedy specials, including ‘Don’t Make Him Angry’ and ‘Live from Seattle’, which have all been commercially successful.

    Age and Height of Jo Koy

    Jo Koy was born Joseph Glenn Herbert on June 2, 1971. He is currently 50 years old and stands at a height of 5 feet and 8 inches (1.73 meters).

    Further Details on Jo Koy

    Jo Koy started his career in the late 1990s when he began performing stand-up comedy in Las Vegas. He soon gained a following and caught the attention of popular talk show host Chelsea Handler, who invited him to appear on her show ‘Chelsea Lately’. From there, Jo Koy went on to appear on several other shows and eventually landed his own Netflix special titled ‘Jo Koy: Live From Seattle’. He also hosts the podcast ‘The Koy Pond’ which has become quite popular.

    Jo Koy is an active philanthropist and has worked with several charities over the years. He has also been vocal about his support for the LGBTQ+ community and has spoken out against racism.

    Jo Koy is one of the most successful stand-up comedians of his time. He has an estimated net worth of $14 million and is 50 years old. His comedy career has seen him appear on numerous TV shows and his Netflix special ‘Jo Koy: Live From Seattle’ was a big hit. Additionally, he is an active philanthropist and an advocate for the LGBTQ+ community.