Madden NFL 24 Guide: New Features in Madden 24 Franchise Mode


    A lot of Madden fans are looking forward to the release of the latest Madden Series game – Madden NFL 24. The developer – EA Sports has announced the release date of Madden 24 and other new information relevant to Madden 24. Do you want to know new features of Madden 24 Franchise Mode? You can read this article and know more exact details. Players can use Cheap MUT 24 Coins to build your fantasy team in the new Franchise mode.

    New Features of Madden 24 Franchise Mode

    Increase Trade Slots From Three to Six

    The number of trade slots available has been increased from three to six in Madden 24. However, when it comes to trade packages, players can only add a maximum of three players. Although EA acknowledges that this may not be entirely realistic, it aims to provide a better overall experience. In addition, the maximum number of draft picks that a player can offer in a trade has also been increased to six.

    Add Extra Year of Draft Picks

    As a continuation of the previous change, it was expected to see that EA has introduced a significant addition: a year’s worth of draft picks to the mix. In Madden 24 Franchise Mode, players will no longer be limited to trading picks from just the current year and the next one. Instead, they will have the freedom to trade picks up to two years out from the current season. This enhancement opens up new strategic possibilities and adds more depth to the trading aspect of the game.

    Adjust the Trade Market

    In summary, the Madden 24 Franchise Mode introduces a more refined trading experience, particularly concerning the process of offering and accepting trades. The developers have attempted to simulate real-world draft pick charts and seamlessly incorporated them into the game mechanics. This enhancement aims to provide players with a more realistic and strategic trading environment, enhancing the overall immersion and gameplay of Madden 24.

    Allow to Change Depth Chart Reordering Manually

    The Madden 24 Franchise Mode includes a new commissioner feature that allows players to control the automatic reordering of the depth chart. After completing a trade, players have the option to turn ON or OFF this feature. When left ON, the analytics will automatically determine the correct depth chart based on the trade. Conversely, turning it OFF grants players the freedom to manually adjust and reorder their depth charts, providing a more personalized and enhanced gameplay experience.

    Change Draft Position Strength

    Madden 24 introduces the draft class strength feature, accessible under the League Settings tab in the franchise mode. Players can find and modify this setting by clicking on “Edit Draft Class Strength.” The options available are Very Weak, Weak, Normal, Strong, and Very Strong, allowing players to customize the draft class difficulty to their preference. However, these adjustments must be made before Regular Season Week 1 to apply for the current season.

    Unlock Offensive and Defensive Limits

    In previous versions, cooldowns and play call limits were applied universally, affecting both offense and defense. However, in Madden 24 Franchise Mode, commissioners have the flexibility to apply them independently to offense and defense, offering more control over the gameplay experience.

    Adopt New Draft Order

    Fantasy draft in Madden 24 introduces some feature changes. Instead of being limited to the standard draft method from 1 to 32, commissioners can now opt for a snake draft. This option allows the draft order to reverse in every alternate round, offering a different and dynamic drafting experience for players.

    New Generational Prospect

    In Madden 24, the generational prospect generators have been expanded to include a wider range of positions. Each position, from offensive line and fullback to tight end, defensive end, safety, and even punter, will now have a generational talent available. This enhancement aims to provide players with more diverse and exciting prospects across all positions, making the Madden experience even more engaging and realistic.

    New Relocation Feature

    The Madden 24 Franchise Mode brings significant improvements to the relocation features, offering more flexibility and choices for players. Unlike previous versions, the relocation option is no longer limited to owners only, as coaches can now also utilize this feature. After deciding to relocate, players can immediately select their new city, team branding, and stadium, streamlining the process and providing more control over their franchise’s journey.

    Furthermore, Madden 24 introduces 15 new cities, bringing the total number of destinations to 34. Additionally, team names are no longer tied to specific cities, except for The Oilers, which remains exclusive to Houston. This means players can freely choose any team name for any location, giving them more creative freedom when designing their dream franchise.

    You can read this article to know more specific and new features of Madden 24 Franchise Mode. And you can Buy Madden NFL 24 Coins to unlock famous players for your team in the beginning of Madden 24.