Private Tutoring: An Overview of Popular Subjects And Costs


    As a student, it can always happen that you have difficulties in a certain subject or simply need more support. Private tutoring with a suitable tutor is a popular way to receive individual attention and support.

    We will explain to you what exactly private tutoring is, which subjects require the most tutoring and what types or forms of teaching there are.

    Private tutoring: definition

    Private tutoring is an individual learning program tailored to the needs of the student, which is given by a tutor.

    In contrast to school tutoring, which is aimed at a large group of students, private tutoring is tailored to the specific needs of a student. Private tutoring can be given in person or online and covers a variety of subjects and topics.

    Advantages of private tutoring for students

    One of the main advantages of private tutoring is that it is tailored to the individual needs of the student. The tutor can tailor the learning method and curriculum to the student’s specific needs, focusing on their weaknesses and strengths. This means the student can learn faster and more effectively than in a group.

    Individual tutoring

    The teacher can answer the student’s questions, help them with homework, and teach them specific strategies and techniques to master certain subjects. This can help the student develop a deeper understanding of the subject and better prepare for exams or tests.

    Rediscover self-confidence and your own capacities

    Finally, private tutors can also help boost the student’s self-confidence. If a student is struggling to keep up in a particular subject, it can lead to a loss of confidence and motivation. However, through private tutors, the student can improve their knowledge and skills and feel more confident, which has a positive impact on their academic performance.

    Statistics about private tutoring

    According to a 2022 study by StudyMind, almost 20% of students in Germany used private tutors. The study also found that most tutors had to support students in math and German. The study also found that most tutoring students are primary or lower secondary school students.

    Another study on online tutoring from 2023 found that 33% more students have used private online tutoring since the beginning of the pandemic. At the same time, 80% of parents confirm that private tutoring is beneficial for their child.

    Types of Private Tutoring: In Person or Online?

    Private tutors can be offered in different ways. Here are the three most common types:

    Private online tutoring: With online tutoring, students can learn from anywhere. Teachers and students communicate via video chat and can exchange materials online. Online tutoring is conducted through a video chat platform and offers the opportunity to receive lessons from any location as long as there is an internet connection.

    Private tutoring at home: A private tutor comes to the student’s home and gives individual lessons. Personal tutoring usually takes place in the student’s or teacher’s home and typically includes one to two hours of individual tutoring

    Private tutoring at school: A private tutor teaches the student at school and helps him with his homework.

    Popular subjects for private tutoring

    Most students need tutoring in math and English. Mathematics is a difficult subject for many students because there are many complex concepts and formulas that are difficult to understand. English is also a difficult subject as it often depends on reading comprehension and grammar.

    Other popular subjects for private tutoring include German, French, Spanish and natural sciences such as biology, chemistry and physics. Students may also need tutors in subjects such as history, social sciences and geography. For all of these subjects and more, you can find private tutors on our platform who are just waiting for you to get in touch with them.

    Private tutoring for primary school students

    Elementary school students can also benefit from private tutoring. Many primary school students have difficulties with mathematics and German and need additional support in order to keep up or not to fall behind. A dedicated elementary school tutor can help the student improve their knowledge and skills and teach them specific strategies and techniques to master certain subjects.

    However, it is important to know that elementary school students often need a different learning method than older students. A tutor for elementary school students should focus on fun and interactive learning methods to stimulate the student’s interest and help them learn.

    Private tutors for exams, high school diplomas, language certificates.

    Private tutors can help students prepare for exams, high school diplomas or language certificates. A tutor can help the student master certain exam-related topics and teach them specific strategies and techniques to perform better.

    Here are some of the most common types of exams that private tutors are used for:

    Private tutors for high school diplomas

    The high school is one of the most important exams in a student’s life. If you are having difficulty preparing for exams, a private GCSE Science Tutor can help you. With individual lessons and targeted training, you can overcome your weaknesses and be successful.

    Private tutors for language certificates

    Language certificates are an advantage in many professions and can also be useful when applying to university. If you want to acquire a language certificate, a language exam tutor can help you. Through targeted training and individual support, you can improve your language skills and prepare for the exam.

    Costs for private tutoring: This is how the price is made up

    The costs for private tutoring vary depending on location, subject and teacher. In-person tutoring is usually more expensive than online tutoring because the teacher has to be paid to travel to the tutoring location. The costs for tutoring in math and English are often lower than for other subjects because these subjects are the most popular and the range on offer is correspondingly large.

    Most teachers charge an hourly rate for their services. The average hourly rate per lesson can be between 15 and 50 euros, depending on the teacher and location. Some teachers also offer package prices for a certain number of tutoring hours.

    Conclusion: Find private tutoring & book a trial lesson

    Private tutors are a good way for students to improve their knowledge and skills and prepare for exams and tests. Private tutoring offers individual attention and support that is not possible in a group setting. Whether in person or online, private tutors can help students achieve better grades and feel more confident.