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Rachel Griffin Accurso Announces a Break from TikTok for Mental Health

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Who is Rachel Griffin Accurso?

Mrs Rachel Griffin is a 40-year-old mother, well-known and passionate teacher, award-winning songwriter and internet sensation. She creates her YouTube channel ”Ms. Rachel Toddler Learning Videos” with her husband and theatre friends after struggling to find help for her son. She has amassed over a billion views between YouTube and TikTok. Ms Rachel is also a mental health advocate, writing an adult mental health musical with her husband and collaborator, Broadway composer director Aron Accurso.

Rachel Griffin Accurso’s interview

Rachel recently spoke with PEOPLE about her massive success on YouTube and TikTok and what motivates her to keep being creative. The 40-year-old mum, Rachel Griffin Accurso, is a former teacher. However, he recently announced that he is taking a break from TikTok for his mental health.

Ms. Rachel Griffin

 In an interview with People, Ms Rachel stressed the importance of self-care, explaining that she works hard not to be swayed by negative comments. At the same time, she hasn’t publicly commented on the reason for her hiatus.

Ms Rachel first became famous on YouTube with her ‘Songs for Littles’ in 2019. Rachel also gained popularity on TikTok as Mrs Rachel, with over two and a half million followers as of March 2023. Rachel took a hiatus from TikTok in 2023, citing her mental health as the reason. That same month, Rachel returned to TikTok when she Songs for Littles signed with Creative Artists Agency.

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