The Benefits of Taking A Defensive Driving Course


    Many people associate a defense driving course with a teenager getting their license or a first-time driver. The fact is, anyone can take a defensive driving course and reap the rewards. If you have several tickets or have been involved in a crash, your car accident attorney in Detroit may recommend taking a defensive driving course as part of your case. You can enjoy other benefits as well.

    Discount on Your Car Insurance

    Your insurance company bases your premiums on how big of a risk you are. If you get a ticket, your premiums go up because you are considered to be a higher risk. Enrolling in a defensive driving course and passing it with a high score will show your insurance carrier that you are trying to be a better driver. It will also lower your risk and earn you a discount on your insurance premiums.

    Refreshes Your Memory

    If you have been driving for many years, you may not have read or reviewed your state’s driving manual for quite some time. Needless to say, there may be a few things you have forgotten through the years. A good defensive driving course will refresh your memory and remind you of certain things you may have forgotten. These courses also provide many safety tips that are beneficial when it comes to preventing accidents.

    Find Out About New Laws

    New laws are put on the books each year. Others are changed or updated. If you don’t stay up-to-date, you will not know the changes and could receive hefty fines depending on the type of violation. One of the benefits of a state-approved defensive driving course is that it includes any new updates or law changes that may have passed in the last year or two. This helps you avoid getting a ticket or citation in areas where the speed limit may have changed, or parking requirements may have been adjusted.

    Lower Fines and Points

    If you have received a ticket or have points on your driving record, taking a defensive driving course may help you get them reduced. While it may not take them away completely, it will show the DMV and your insurance carrier that you are trying to be as responsible as possible. In order for the DMV to accept the results of your course, it must be approved by the state and provide all the required information.

    If you have to take a defensive driving course to remain in compliance with a court order, you will need to talk to the court or your insurance agent to find out which class has been approved for you. Satisfying these requirements will help you maintain your driving privileges and make you a better driver in the long run.