Unlocking the Potential of Magento with Essential Plugins


    Unlocking the Potential of Magento with Essential Plugins

    There are hundreds of extensions for Magento 2. Even thousands if you count similar modules from different developers. Your store probably doesn’t need all of them at once. But what exact extensions are actually essential for any e-commerce? Is it the Magento Facebook product feed? Or maybe everyone must have AI support nowadays? Fear not, because we at Mirasvit compiled a list of few essential modules that will unlock the potential of any Magento store.

    Product feeds

    Starting in May 2020, online sellers can show their goods on Google Shopping without paying fees. Google made this change to assist store owners during the tough COVID times. Meanwhile, Google accommodates almost 36% of all searches for items. It’s only one platform, though. Imagine the increase in revenue from creating, say, Magento Facebook product feed. This is why any module for managing data feeds is essential for increasing revenue. Especially ones for social networks and big trading platforms like Amazon

    SEO optimizers

    The e-commerce landscape always changes, but SEO stays the king of internet promotion. Without proper Search Engine Optimization, websites can fall all the way down to the 10th page of the Google search results. However good they might be, people will just not find them. Other modules even come with pre-installed SEO features. For example, the Layered Navigation from Mirasvit (https://mirasvit.com/magento-2-extensions/layered-navigation.html) already has SEO-friendly URLs. However, the best SEO modules are the ones that offer a complete audit and automatic optimization. They are essential for staying visible.

    Backend Search from Mirasvit

    Recently released development that will come in handy for any work done in the website’s backend. This module allows admins to search for any type of content from one search bar. Orders, customers, pages, items, tickets – everything is accessible in one place. The workflow will be smooth and devoided from frustrating search endeavors. The search also features icons that help to differentiate content types. Backend Search is essential for any admin work.

    Loyalty programs

    A small but loyal customer base will always bring more revenue than a bigger but fleeting one. Statistics say that loyal clients tend to spend 33% more on any purchase. But how do you build that fabled customer base? It’s easy – offer rewards for their loyalty. Add reward points for purchases, create account tier lists, allow users to send referral links, and issue coupons to active buyers. All these features can be implemented with a proper loyalty program module. These extensions are essential for building a reliable customer base.


    Clients love attention and care. Being able to ask questions about the stock or receive help with creating an order is important for them. However, not all businesses can afford to hire dedicated staff to sit in the chats 24\7. But the chatbots can do it without much difficulty. Moreover, modern AIs can very convincingly replicate the pattern of human speech. They can also answer people on social networks and in messengers. They are essential for enhancing user experience.


    To make customers stick around and like your store, it’s a good idea to give them more than just your products. Lots of businesses use Magento blogs for this purpose. They make a blog and put helpful info in it, which can bring in new people and make current customers happy. Blogs are essential for capturing users’ attention.