Which Beer Coupler Do You Need for a Sankey Keg?


    If you are planning to buy a kegerator for your draft beer system, you are surely wondering what Sankey keg coupler can provide a hermetic connection and optimal beer dispensing.

    In this article, we will tell you about the different types of couplings available, and how they differ, and help you find the suitable option for your Sankey keg.

    Sankey keg coupler

    What Are the Different Types of Beer Couplers for a Sankey Keg?

    To date, there are 6 options of couplers for beer barrels. And you as a brewer should understand where they are used. If you install the wrong coupling model, you will not be able to pour a drop from your barrel!

    1. D coupler is the most common type of coupler in North America. It is used for dispensing up to 99% of all beer produced in the United States: Corona, Molson, Miller, Abita, Budweiser, etc. The coupler is equipped with a lever that is as simple and easy to use as possible. The device operates at a pressure of 30 to 50 pounds per square inch.
    2. S type is used for Sankey keg valves in Europe. It is also quite a popular coupler for such containers, which is used in the production of such popular varieties as Heineken, Pilsner, Newcastle, etc. The main difference between D and S couplings lies in the features of their probe: in the American coupler it is wider and shorter, and in the European keg coupler – thin and long.
    3. U coupler is another type of European connector that is particularly popular in the UK. The product has a Well-type connection: it is used in the production of stouts and other beer brands such as Guinness, Smithwick, and Harp Lager.
    4. A model (also known as German slider) is needed for the production of most German varieties and about half of Belgian types of beer: Hoegaarden, Löwenbräu, Bitburger Pilsner, Warsteiner, Krombacher, De Dolle, etc. The coupling is cylindrical and is fixed to the barrel valve using two pins.
    5. G coupler is an unusual triangular coupling used for some British, Dutch, and American beer brands, such as Grolsch, Fuller’s, Anchor, etc. The coupling shape chosen by manufacturers made it easy to distinguish barrels with a particular beverage.
    6. M type occurs less frequently than other types of connectors. It is used in the production of some German varieties, such as Einbecker,  Schneider Weisse, as well as other beverages with high levels of carbonization.

    How Do I Know What Keg Coupler I Need?

    To choose the appropriate model of Sankey keg coupler, you need:

    • Know the brand of beer;
    • The region where it was brewed;
    • The size of the barrel in which this drink is stored.

    The easiest way to find the right connector is in the beer brand.

    However, this industry is dynamically developing and you may have trouble remembering which of the beverages is compatible with one or another type of clutch.

    That is why we recommend contacting the popular company Beverage Craft, which specializes in such equipment and has a hand on the pulse of all the novelties of the beer industry.

    On the Beverage Craft website, you can find comprehensive information about the most popular beer varieties and the appropriate types of connectors.

    You can also contact the brand representatives directly and ask them to advise the Sankey keg coupler that will be compatible with the alcoholic beverages you produce.

    We are sure that you will be pleased with the cooperation – the high quality of the products always receives positive feedback from brewers!