Why You Need an International SEO Agency for Your Business


    If you’re looking to expand your business on a global scale, you can never underestimate the power of international SEO services in scaling organically. It’s all about playing on a global field if you want to keep up and come out on top.

    In this article, we will discuss international SEO, how to find an agency that fits your needs, and how to develop your own international SEO strategy.

    Why is International SEO Important?

    International SEO is a game-changer for businesses setting their sights on the bigger world stage. It lets you speak directly to people in different countries and languages, pretty much like having a universal translator for your website. Doing so opens up a treasure chest of potential customers from every corner. That’s more eyes on your brand, more clicks, and potentially more sales – it’s a win-win. This strategy is particularly crucial for gambling sites aiming for global reach, where the implementation of a bespoke PBN for gambling sites can significantly enhance visibility and engagement across diverse international markets.

    When done right, an international SEO service leads people who are actively hunting for stuff in their local language straight to your doorstep. More people are likely to click the ‘Buy Now’ button because they actually understand what they’re buying. 

    And when you keep showing up in search results in people’s own languages, your brand becomes the industry go-to in that field, leading to trust, loyalty, and word-of-mouth buzz. 

    So, if you’re all about taking your business global, international SEO isn’t just an option – it’s your secret weapon to conquer the worldwide stage.

    What to Look for in International SEO Agencies

    If you’re looking for an international SEO agency to help your website reach a global audience, you have to consider the following:

    Global Market Knowledge and SEO Experience

    Knowledge of the global SEO market is not just about knowing different languages in each region. There’s a lot more to it, such as diverse rules, customs, trends, and cultures in every country. 

    Search engine algorithms also play differently, so you need to have a solid handle on the strategies that work like magic in each place.

    SEOLeverage is an international SEO agency that’s got the experience serving businesses in various parts of the globe. They know how local and worldwide search rankings work, so they can fine-tune your international SEO efforts and website content based on factors like website architecture, technical optimization, and off-page activities.

    Advanced Tracking and Reporting

    For international SEO companies, tracking is the secret sauce in developing relevant insights and data. But with the constant algorithm changes, keeping tabs on website rankings has become trickier than a puzzle.

    SEOLeverage uses advanced tracking tools that give clients the upper hand in their SEO game, leaving the competition in the dust. Some of the tracking features of this experienced international SEO agency include the following:

    • Weekly SEO insiders’ updates
    • Real-time SEO dashboard
    • Regular technical site audits
    • External and internal link analysis

    Proven International Link Building Authority

    Link building is the secret sauce for international SEO success. It helps:

    • Increase your website’s visibility in different countries
    • Build trust, resulting in better rankings
    • Make your website noticeable, especially by big sites
    • Increase your relevance in the local search engines
    • Build referral traffic
    • Boost engagement, making visitors stick around longer
    • Cement your credibility, making your content look legit from the perspective of search engines

    Wide Berth of Online Resources

    In today’s SEO industry, using sophisticated online tools and resources is like a golden ticket to international SEO success. You can maximize international markets by looking for an agency that:

    • Creates top-notch, useful, and relevant content
    • Uses social media channels campaigns
    • Leverages influencers to put your brand on the radar and boost your website traffic
    • Invests in paid ads and analytics tools that let you target specific people
    • Syndicates content to increase organic search visibility

    How to Develop an SEO Strategy with International SEO Agencies

    Ready to start creating your international SEO strategy? Once you’ve done an audit of your current website, sit down and work with your chosen international SEO agency to come up with the following:

    Establish your goals.

    Goals provide direction to your SEO efforts. Some of the most common goals for your international SEO plan include:

    Boosting your website traffic to help your site get noticed in different parts of the world

    Lead generation is achieved by fine-tuning your website for different regions to attract people who are genuinely interested in what you’re offering.

    Increasing your sales, which is done by tailoring your content and website design to speak directly to your audience

    So, when you’re doing international SEO, remember: having clear goals is like having your North Star guiding you to success. It’s your roadmap to more traffic, leads, and sales, no matter where your business ventures take you.

    Conduct keyword research.

    When doing keyword research, you have to figure out what words and phrases people in your target market use when they’re hunting for what you offer. Once you’ve got that intel, you can start making content containing those words. 

    Sometimes, you need to sprinkle in a bit of local flavor so your keywords fit right in. Some need a little twist to match the local lingo. Use tools like Google Ads’ Keyword Planner to help you out.

    Build local links.

    When your website gets linked from other websites in a specific country, it’s like a little nod to Google that your site is a cool hangout spot for the locals there. 

    For example, if you get linked back by a lot of “.de” websites, it tells Google that you’re popular among German audiences, so your site pops up higher in German searches

    So, how do you build these links? Connect with local influencers who’ve got a say in your niche and are popular in your local markets. They might just give you a shout-out or collaborate on something cool. You can also try guest blogging and appearing in local directories.

    SEOLeverage is an international SEO agency that fits your business’s needs.

    SEOLeverage has helped over 500 solopreneurs, coaches, online marketers, and international corporations generate millions of visitors, leads, and sales through SEO. Book a call today.