Writing Your Acting Biography for Social Media


    Ideally, your talent should be the main job driver.

    In the real world, it takes a long way to get spotted. Advertising, meeting the right people, and visiting the right places need much effort, but it gets vain without the proper display of your skills and experience on social media.

    In this article, we shall speak about how to properly build your acting portfolio on social media and make the most use of it.

    How do brands and people make their way to success through the power of social media?

    A few years ago, a video with a homeless man playing piano casually posted on YouTube aggregated millions of views, making Donald Gould, the musician, famous overnight.

    The power of social media rocked the man’s life, helping him to gather USD 40K for drug rehab, win a scholarship to finish his education, and record several studio albums. Now, Donald is a celebrity with a personal Wikipedia page.

    Brands stay focused on the power of social media, too. Look at Apple’s #ShotOniPhone campaign, which has been running for the last several years, powered by the mere desire of internet users to have their pictures spotted. As a result, Apple has a massive booster to brand awareness with little intervention and investment on the company side.

    If a strong presence on social media is not enough, companies build their own social media, mostly to strengthen their customer community. For example, Nike uses its networking application to organize running contests and challenges so that like-minded people can spend time together.

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    From the scenarios above, one thing gets clear: with 4.8 billion social media users in the world, every performer wishing to stay connected with their audience should be able to present their art on different platforms properly.

    How to present your art on LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn is the place where business people meet and communicate. Your portfolio should be professionally detailed and highlight your most stunning achievements.

    For an example of how to do it, check Robert Downey Jr.’s or Paris Hilton’s LinkedIn accounts.

    Their portfolios’ “About” section shows the most prominent and successful business projects, starting from the latest and biggest ones. On LinkedIn, it’s also essential to build a strong network of contacts, as people you know tell better about you than words in a portfolio.

    How to build an acting portfolio on Instagram?

    Instagram is the best platform to present your craft visually. Instagram’s audience goes there to see pictures, not read portfolios, so if you can tell your story in photos and short videos, Instagram is the best place to find an audience for this opportunity.

    How to connect with your audience on Twitter?

    With Twitter, brevity is the key to success. So, if you have a one-line sales pitch to present your career, Twitter is the best place to post it.

    Next, you can enlighten your followers on what’s happening in your professional life with short and bright tweets.

    Remember that the Twitter audience uses the platform to share the immediate news of their lives, so should you do. When a future job giver visits your page on Twitter, they don’t expect to see long bios there. Short reports on professional events you’ve visited will be just the best thing to post.

    How to shine on Facebook?

    Facebook is a one-point destination for entertainment and building business relationships. It is a great platform to describe your career story in 155 characters of your bio-area and update your success with carefully crafted posts. Yet, don’t be too official – Facebook is a platform where people share personal information with the audience. So, sharing personal info, like going out or traveling, is a great idea, too. Let your audience know what sort of a person you are.

    Final tips

    Whichever of the social media opportunities you use, keeping your profile consistent through different channels is essential. Your future contractor may gather info about you from different channels, and the best way to do this is to impress your audience on every one of them.

     Author’s bio: Anastasiia Lastovetska is a technology writer at MLSDev, a software development company that builds web & mobile app solutions from scratch. She researches the area of technology to create great content about app development, UX/UI design, tech & business consulting.